10 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1500 in 2020

Hello gamers… Are you looking to buy a new gaming laptop? Choosing the best among laptop brands are very difficult. So I make this guide for you to save your time.

With such a large budget, of course you will get a powerful gaming device. As a true gamers, of course you have a wish to own a powerful machine that can play all the latest games smoothly and gorgeous. Don’t be worry, you can read every laptop review that we have determined based on our expertise.

Simple Guide to Find Best Gaming Laptop Under 1500 Dollars

What factors should we pay attention, when we want to buy the newest gaming laptop with budget under $1500? When we talk of a gaming laptop, of course we are looking for a gaming beast. The goal is that our notebooks can be used to play the latest games. So we need to pay attention to several things. And that I will describe below. Keep watching guys.

1. CPU or Processor

CPU or processor is one of the most important components in a computer. This is the essence of computer power. Therefore I chose to use Intel Core i7 for a gaming laptop. Besides laptops that use AMD Ryzen today can also be an attractive option to glance at.

2. GPU or Graphic Card

We can also call the GPU as a runway for graphics that will be displayed. The better the GPU, the graphical display of the games will be more stable. Looks very detailed and good.

3. Memory or RAM

Memory is also one of three things that need attention. Large memory will make the computer more able to store files temporarily for processing. We recommend choosing a notebook with a minimum of 8GB of memory for a new gaming laptop.

4. Brand

This is the last option we must consider. Because a good brand would produce a notebook with good quality too. Big brands certainly have good quality control. So that these products can be guaranteed quality.

Here are the best gaming laptops sold at prices under 1500 dollars that we have summarized for you.

Below are Best Gaming Laptops List in 2019

1. Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

acer nitro 5

Hardware Specifications

ProcessorIntel Quad Core i7-7700HQ
Graphics CardNvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti with 4GB  GDRR5
Screen Size15.6 inch IPS Display
Storage256GB SSD
Memory8 GB DDR 4
OSWindows 10

There aren’t many gaming laptops under 1500 dollars, so having one with promising quality and solid performance without spending a fortune is totally a good deal. Meet Acer Nitro 5, a gaming variant from Acer. Naturally, there are tons of supporting features for gaming configuration.

One thing that matters is the generous display screen with 15.6 inch in dimension. It comes with IPS HD quality, meaning that it will deliver real-life quality. Details are visible seen, thanks to its pixel quality. It has LED backlit technology so it is more fun and somewhat entertaining to see. Creates best gaming experience.

All quality best notebook have their own unique cooling system, this best Acer device comes with dual fan Coolboost technology for cooling design. Combination of high speed and manual system can be handy during heavy use because users are given the flexibility to control their own preferred cooling mechanism.

Dark sturdy construction looks great with bright keyboard and red back-lit illumination. It creates this elegant and yet masculine feel. Mind you, though, this best notebook is pretty heavy, so you shouldn’t kid with the weight.

The battery life is average. Up to 8.5 hours of battery life. Price range is affordable, lower than $1500.

2. Lenovo Legion Y520 Review

Lenovo Legion Y520

Hardware Specifications

ProcessorIntel Core i5-7300HQ
Graphics CardNvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti with 4GB  GDRR5
Screen Size15.6 inch IPS Display 1920 x 1080
Storage256GB SSD
Memory8 GB DDR 4
OSWindows 10

It is Lenovo Legion Y520 with advanced tech. At first glance, it has black color with thin and slim figure.

Lenovo makes sure this gaming notebook is capable to fit in your backpack and lightweight enough when you carry it everywhere. When compared with others, it may be a little bit at below specs. But it has a lower price and has good compatibility, capability, and durability as budget gaming laptop.

As budget gaming laptop, this best notebook also has gaming peripherals to boost the capability. There are backlit LED on keyboard, USB port, Bluetooth, and wireless adaptor. Backlit keyboard is useful when you have not enough light for gaming. It shines brightly, but at proper intensity. It has feature called Lenovo Nerve Sense to customize and record the device activity.

You need cooling system to exhaust the heat immediately. Extreme Cooling is feature to suppress the heat then keep the area around processor and graphic card as cool as possible. Extreme cooling is a part of thermal engineering technology. That is the cooling design for this gaming machine.

This lenovo gaming notebook has good audio quality. Lenovo Legion Y520 has audio speaker from Harman and Dolby Audio Premium. The price range is lower than $1500. Battery life is not so long. Only 7 hours of battery life

3. ASUS ROG Strix GL753VD


Hardware Specifications

ProcessorIntel Core i7-7700 HQ
Graphics CardNvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti with 4GB  GDRR5
Screen Size17,3 inch IPS Display 1920 x 1080
Storage256 GB SSD 1TB HDD
Memory16 GB DDR 4
OSWindows 10

Sleek design is what you see at the first glance from ASUS ROG Strix GL753VD. It is one of laptops from ASUS ROG brand for gamer. Black and elegant touch brings this laptop into the top choice. Great design when you have a gaming laptop. The specs are high tech and advanced to play the classic to recent game at ease.

In addition, this desktop replacement has Bluetooth 4.0, LAN jack, USB 3.0 port, USB 2.0 port, 802.11 a/c WIFI, and HDMI port. USB port consists of two modes to support the old and new USB drive connectivity. ASUS also gives this notebook 2×2 WI-FI with two antennas.

Both give faster performance. Majority of games use internet to play and in this case, WI-FI is crucial. To support this situation, this machine has dual WIFI.

Backlist LED on keyboard is very helpful when you play in less light. Well, the interesting part is RGB color on backlit. Moreover, the keyboard is tactile with 2.5mm travel distance and it’s very responsive. The last feature is cooling technology to reduce excess heat on CPU and GPU.

You can connect external audio, headset, and VR device on this laptop. Top gaming laptops under $1500 on market are capable to synchronize with VR and this one has such capability. It  has 5 hours of battery life.

5. ASUS ROG Strix GL702VS


ProcessorIntel Core i7-7700 HQ
Graphics CardNvidia Geforce GTX 1070 with 8GB GDRR5
Screen Size17.3″ FHD 1920 x 1080 Matte G-SYNC Display
Storage128GB SSD + 1TB 7200RPM HDD
Memory12GB DDR 4 RAM
OSWindows 10

Asus ROG Strix GL702VS is regularly dubbed as gaming beast. It is possibly even one of the best laptop under 1500 dollars. The laptop is able to deliver a top-notch performance, which is you will get great gaming experience.

Well, it is one of gaming laptops under 1500 that boasts high portability. It weighs only about 6.4 lbs with measured profile of 0.94 inches. Anyone can conveniently fit this laptop inside a backpack or messenger bag. People can bring it anywhere with them. Playing games cannot get any easier than this!

This best notebook is equipped with Hyper Cool cooling system. It cools the CPU and GPU independently using dual fan system and heat pipes. It has good cooling design.

Reversible USB Type-C port is built within which allows smoother device connections and very fast data transfer speeds (up to 10Gbps) through USB 3.1 Gen 1. It has a specifically-designed keyboard for gaming with red-backlit scissor-switch keys. The keyboard offers 1.6 mm of movement distance and also highlighted WASD keys to accommodate users. Array microphones equipped in this 15 inch gaming laptop block ambient noise which allows user to hear clearly despite boisterous environment.

6. Acer Aspire VX 15

Acer Aspire VX 15

ProcessorIntel Core i7-7700 HQ
Graphics CardNvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti with 4GB  GDRR5
Screen Size 15.6 inch IPS Display 1920 x 1080
Storage256GB SSD
Memory16GB DDR 4 RAM
OSWindows 10

Gamers who are looking for an affordable laptop to heighten their gaming experience can try Acer Aspire VX 15. It is equipped with amazing specifications like great processors, fine graphics, hard-edged design, and high audio quality system. No wonder that Acer Aspire VX 15 is considered in our gaming laptops list

Although it is not slim (29 mm in thickness and weighs about 7 lbs), it is still easy to be moved around. In addition, it is equipped with Acer TrueHarmony and Dolby Audio Premium to enhance the sound clarity.

Well, despite being a budget gaming laptop, this Acer laptop still offers various qualities that will appease gaming enthusiasts all over the world. It boasts great performance, graphics, and several other features to make gaming more enjoyable. You should know current users have reported satisfaction toward Acer Aspire VX 15 and even dub it as an entry-level gaming laptop. Even with some minor issues, it is definitely worth to have it.

7. Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300

ProcessorIntel Core i7-7700 HQ
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Graphics with 6GB of dedicated GDDR6 VRAM
Screen15.6 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen LED backlit IPS Display (144Hz Refresh Rate)
Storage256GB PCIe NVMe SSD (2 x PCIe M.2 Slots)
Memory16GB DDR 4 RAM
OSWindows 10

Looking for the best gaming laptop under 1500 dollars? Acer Predator Helios is the answer. You can save up to 5% of your budget by buying it online.

Furthermore, you do not need to worry about LAN connection, as it also comes with RJ-45 port of 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN and Bluetooth 4.0. The 1280 x 720 HD Webcam also supports HRD (High Dynamic Range). It is pretty amazing offer, right? 4 USB ports and 1 HDMI port are also available, which include 1 USB 3.1 (Type C) port (Gen 1 up to 5 Gbps), 1 USB 3.0 Port (featuring Power-off Changing), 2 USB 2.0 Ports, and 1 HDMI 2.0 Port with HDCP Support. With up to 7 hours of battery life, you can play as many games as you want once the laptop is fully charged.

Weighs only 5.95 lbs or 2.7 kg for the system, the Predator Helios surely comes in handy for those who like to bring it anywhere. The custom-engineered cooling with dual fans will keep the hardware and components cool, allowing gamers to have a smooth gaming experience.

8. MSI GL62M 7REX-1896US

MSI GL62M 7REX-1896US is the perfect choice among laptops for gaming. Well, if you buy this gaming laptop online, you can save up to 15% from the normal price.

With Windows 10 Home as its operating system, this gaming laptop is able to display system information on a small size window in mini mode. The desktop replacement comes with Mixed Reality Headset that can be found in the box. Many people also consider it as the best buy laptop as it can visualize the system information to make it clear. Moreover, keyboard comes with silver lining and Anti-Ghost key, along with Nahimic 2 System.

Furthermore, it also comes with 4 GB of dedicated NVIDIA chipset, along with 1 number of USB 2.0 port and 2 number of USB 3.0 ports. Weighs only 5.29 pounds, the machine has 15.07 inches length, 10.23 inches wide, and 1.06 heights. 1 Intel processor can also be found inside the notebook, supporting its performance.

Well, this high end gaming laptop is completed with Cooler Boost 4, meaning it could help maintain high system performance to prevent throttle. Therefore, your whole gaming experience will not be disturbed. However, one of the limiting factors in gaming is more heat that comes from more power. Therefore, the laptop’s Cooler Boost technology plays an important part with up to 6-7 heatpipes.

With one-year warranty, this best gaming laptop is worth having as the warranty including global and one-time accidental. You do not need to be worried about the sound, as the Nahimic 2 Audio Enhancement utilizes the virtual 7.1 surround sound with 3D sound enhancement.

9. Acer Aspire VX5-591G-75RM Gaming Laptop

Today, you can play any game via smartphone, but there is no same feeling and experience when playing the game via notebook. Acer introduces Acer Aspire VX. You will get advanced tech and specs without spending much money. This is suitable notebook for laptops under 1500 dollars category.

Gaming laptops under 1500 dollars list will not complete if i don’t put this laptop on the list. . Acer Aspire VX has sharp edge and sleek design. It is lightweight enough for carrying inside backpack. Moreover, the keyboard is tactile and you will see iron red backlit. It helps to shine when playing at less light. Acer gives high quality audio. It uses audio from Dolby Audio Premium to deliver clear sound without interference. You can play music and sound from the game via internal speaker.

Additional features help to boost Acer Aspire VX capability. It has Wi-Fi adaptor, jack audio, Bluetooth, USB port, HDMI port, and LAN port. Well, connectivity is the key when choosing gaming laptops. As you can see, this best gaming laptop uses recent tech for Wi-Fi to stay connected. You can play online game without much trouble because the laptop under 1500 is able to keep the internet stable and fast.

Most of best gaming laptops under have their own technology to reduce the heat and keep the CPU from overheating. Well, this gaming laptop under 1500 uses dual fans to protect hardware from high temperature. Certain games consume much resource from CPU and GPU.

10. MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-069 14″ Ultra Portable Gaming Laptop

MSI is one of leading manufacturers in the market. You will find many notebooks with various specs for different purpose. One of them is MSI GS43VR Phantom Pro-069. This is powerful gaming laptop.

As the best laptop for gaming, Phantom Pro-069 is capable to play almost anything. Laptops gaming are very sophisticated. Expensive with tons of features.

Another feature from this desktop replacement is VR Ready. You can plug VR gear without compatibility issue. This thin gaming laptop has plug and play feature for VR gear. Play gaming on a laptop is very fun, and if you have this VR you will get better experience.

This gaming laptop under 1500 has technology called Nahimic 2 for sound enhancement. It is feature to boost the sound capability from laptop. You can listen 7.1 based sound tech and track its enhancement from the display directly. This feature is also better when you plug external headset or speaker.

Other features are standard ones such as Wi-Fi adaptor, Bluetooth, battery, USB 3.0 port, and HDMI port.

So, What is Your Choice When It Comes With Budget Under $1500?

Now that’s the gaming laptops under 1500 dollars that we have chosen from the many gaming laptops outside. The laptop is included in the list of gaming laptops under 1500 dollars that we made in this article. Every gaming laptop has been chosen based on good specifications and from the leading brands today. You just choose one to take home to your home.